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Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Good Froiday

Dearest Easter StellaBunny,

I just found out yesterday that it's Easter this weekend already. We poor deprived workers in France do not get the day off work today, so I thought it was a normal working week, like any other. Thank God that Easter Monday is considered sacred and I'll be able to lie in and snooze to my heart's content, while my liver digests the surely overgenerous portions of chocolate which will hopefully be bestowed upon my person on Sunday.....

In other Bodily Functions news: this morning I opened my mouth to speak to the children and a tiny, fine jet of saliva was ejected from the glands under my tongue, decorating the breakfast table with a glittering spray of microscopically tiny globules. Is it weird that I was greatly pleased? And said "Hey! That hasn't happened to me for ages!" in a delighted tone of voice?

Yeah, I thought so.

Oh well.

I hope to hear all about your wildly exciting Domestic Goddess life VERY SOON.

I miss you!

Frustrated Love and Pining Kisses,



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