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Friday, March 21, 2008

White Easter

Dearest Working Girl,

How barbaric is it of Mr Modelizer and his government of cheese eating surrender monkeys* to make the French work on Good Friday? I feel I should storm the bastille in the nude or something equally as horrific dramatic in protest at not having a friend to play with on this holiest of holy days. God would be rolling in his grave if he knew!** You might wonder about the title of this missive. It's true. Overnight, after yesterday's show of snow flurries interspersed with blue skies and sunshine, we had a big dump of snow. All is quiet in the Village of the Damned today. The only sound one hears is the gentle falling of snowflakes on windowsills. With the exception of the muffled church bells, of course.

Anyway, my official (and true) excuse for having no contact yesterday was that my lovely little laptop was being rebuilt from the bottom up my Mr Mac in order for me to enjoy a more fulfilling technological experience every time I open up its pretty little lid. He said it would only take a couple of hours. Instead it ended up taking most of the day. By the time I got it back from him, I'd lost all interest in the internet for the rest of the day.

I'm concerned that your poor children will be Easter Egg-less on Sunday, since you've only just realised what time of year it is. Have you been out Egg shopping for them yet? I haven't but the Coop will be open tomorrow and I will be able to pick up some chocolate bunnies and jelly beans or something for my offspring then. Ewan will be standing in the snow outside the Coop tomorrow for a couple of hours, selling painted eggs and home-made cakes in a fundraising effort for his sport club. Hah! I hope it's stopped snowing by then or he'll be very cold. Oh well, that might learn him to volunteer for anything. Of course, he's volunteered himself to stand and sell stuff and he's volunteered me to make a cake for him to sell. So that's my main task for the day. Mr Mac also wants a lemon cake. Everyone wants a piece of me. Best you get your piece first, otherwise it'll be leftover Stella for you, young lady!

Just quietly, by the way, the best thing about the Coop's Easter goodies is that on Tuesday, they'll all be half price! Half-price chocolate bunnies. It's my favourite time of year!

With irreverent Good Friday love and kisses,



* I actually love the French. Because they're not Swiss, probably.***
** I love God too. Honest, God.
*** I love the Swiss too, really. You know me, it's all for comedic effect.


  • At Fri Mar 21, 04:11:00 pm, Blogger Forest Green said…

    Speaking of a piece of you Ms. Mac, I should like to tag both you and the loverly Antipo to participate in the Six Word Memoir meme. You can find the rules under my "Spring" post on "Forest Green" here:


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