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Friday, March 21, 2008

All Is Forgiven!

Dearest Snowy Soulie,

Your creative excuse is hereby accepted. Please tell The Lovely Mr. Mac, that clever fixer-upper of computers, that I am also broken. He is welcome to come and rebuild me from my bottom up.

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. Oh dear. Not that I’m blaming you and your appalling neglect of me, or anything. No no, don’t mind me. I’ll just sit quietly here in this corner and nurse my deflated ego.

I’ve actually done a lot of w*rk today and my brain hurts now. The neurones are all swollen and inflamed after having fought their way through a thick layer of rust, dust and cobwebs.

Please do storm the Bastille in the Nude. That would totally make my day! I’ll be on hand to video and subsequently YouTube it.

Rest assured re: my children and their possible Easter Egg deprivation due to callous parenting. My guilt and shock horror propelled me last night into the arms of my Quaint Village’s exclusive and expensive chocolatier, where I laid out an obscene amount of cold hard cash for a modest supply of hand-made and very tasty bunnies en chocolat. Happily the chocolatier is very young and handsome (and he smells of warm, melted, oozy chocolate), so it was dosh well spent.

My cruel and thoughtless MIL has gone and got sick, thereby imperilling our annual Easter pilgrimage to her house for barbecued leg of lamb (with garlic and rosemary) on Sunday. I told her (in crisp tones) to get to a doctor and pronto! A last minute decision will be made tomorrow when she will see how she is feeling. I may find myself trotting down t’supermarket on Saturday evening in a mercy dash for provisions in order to cook our own Easter lunch. Gah.

Much overworked love and self-important kisses,




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