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Monday, September 22, 2008

You Broke My Heart and Stole My Breakfast

Dearest Ms. Mac,

Little did I know when I got you onto the Suisse-bound train with only three minutes to spare at 8:20 this morning, that my pain au chocolat was still nestled comfortably in your handbag!

Ah well, I must be philosophical. 'Tis but a small price to pay. I was a Madonna concert virgin. You nursed me through my deflowering. We even shared a bed for the first time! Only wish I had shaved my legs recently... Was that your snoring that rattled the rafters, or mine?

I sloped into work extremely late on this sunny morning with sore but happy feet, and the strains of Madonna's heavy metal version of Hung Up still ringing in my ears. I think I nearly pogoed myself into oblivion last night. I wanna be a Rock Chick now.

How can real life possibly compete after the magic of Sunday?

No time for debriefing now. Let's RDV later Babe.

Stunned love & kisses,



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