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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fuckity Fuck

Dearest Darls,

The Lovely Maureen gave me the registered code number for the parcel containing our Madge tix and I looked it up online. "NO INFORMATION CAN BE GIVEN ABOUT THIS ITEM".

Great. I ring the local sorting centre (I know a girl there!). She looked up the code for me and confirmed nothing arrived here, and they can't even track the movements of the parcel because somebody at the Post Office in Maureen's village must have forgotten to "flash" the parcel, i.e. scan it with his bar-code scannie-thingie.

I will beat the crap out of somebody at La Poste today if they still haven't come... What pisses me off so greatly is that one pays extra for registered & insured letters, precisely in order not to be sweating with nerves and worrying about the fucking document arriving on time. Fuckers.




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