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Friday, September 19, 2008


Dearest Darls,

Pinch me, Babe! Can’t quite believe the good news. I am so relieved to have the tix in my hot little hand this morning, that I literally feel sick. Am like a survivor of post traumatic stress syndrome.

Tossed and turned all last night, thinking of Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, ad infinitum. Got to work very early, looked up tracking code of parcel on La Poste website: “Erroneous code”. Heart sank even further, which physically should not have been possible.

Rang the girl I know at the sorting office, started wittering at her at top speed my plans A, B and C, and she cut me short with “HELEN SHUT UP! I’VE GOT THEM!”

Wiped a grateful tear from my eye, jumped in car and burned rubber to get to post office. Signed for them with trembling hand. Am too afraid to be parted from them now. Have them down the back of my jeans, pressed against my skin. Will sleep with them inside my pyjamas tonight. How will I be able to shower tomorrow? The tix may be quite smelly by Sunday. Never mind…


  • At Fri Sep 19, 02:06:00 pm, Blogger Mickle in NZ said…

    Well, whooooo bloody ray.

    now, yes was horrid, so Antipo will not let Ms.Divine.Mac anywhere near the Seine water.

    And, antipo, a beer crate is just your very own bit of kiwiana, dear darls

    of course mickle expects full on review of the wonderful M = so can boast to sister, dear Liz

    I'm a nice person, really, honest, sometimes.....

  • At Fri Sep 19, 03:43:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thought I would add a little comment to your mental blog, You pair sound like a scream.....

    WIll be looking out for you both at concert and we will be the ones with the silly McCafferty grins on our faces...... peas in a pod so we are told..

    I think the pair of you deserve special passes into Maureenland - where everything is lovely and perfect.

    Enjoy your weekend and watch out for us


  • At Fri Sep 19, 11:38:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    well have had a f--------g shoight day Have to work for a living unfortunately but sooooooooo looking forward to seeing our girl strut her stuff at Stade de France Will be so cool

    So pleased you got the tickets and will be so disappointed if we don't catch up

    keep cool galz and keep your phones on surtout

    a dimanche big biz


    PRATT CALLED ME TO SAY YOU HAD RECEIVED THE LETTER - told him ca me fait une belle jambe (which incidentally I have two of) xxxx


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