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Monday, January 30, 2006

Amazing Scientific Discovery!

I just made myself a cup of tea with an old fashioned French boule à thé, which is a metallic, egg-shaped tea strainer jobby on a chain. You fill one half with loose leaf tea, screw the other half back on and dangle it in your cup of boiling water until it has steeped to the desired strength. It's charmingly quaint and ecologically sound. I have probably saved 0.0000002985032 of an entire tree by not using a tea bag.

Anyway, as I idly jiggled the boule up and down on its silver chain, my vigorous, yet incredibly dainty, movements forced air bubbles through the holes at the bottom of the boule and out of the holes at the top, and the resulting mini explosions sounded exactly like my bath farts!

Has this ever happened to anyone else, or am I truly unique (in a wild-eyed, straggly-haired, facial twitchy kinda way)?


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