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Friday, March 31, 2006


During the night, I took Kevin into the forest to dye his hair (???). A large black dog, exactly like the Dog of Death in Harry Potter, bounded onto a boulder and stood menacingly over us, unmoving and very creepy. I was extremely brave, stared the evil creature straight in the eyes, put my face right up to his, and bellowed at the top of my voice: "BRUCE!!!"

In fact I shouted it out loud in my sleep, woke up with a start, and gave French Hubby the fright of his life (it was 5 am). When I realised what I'd done, I embarked upon the unstoppable, silent, bed-shaking, internal belly laugh at which I excel... My first thought was 'What if he thinks I was shouting "Bruce!" in the throes of passion?'

My throat was sore, my muscles all knotted and twisted... throes of passion indeed!

When I asked him what he heard me say, he said it sounded like I was barking.

Barking mad, I do believe.


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