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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Reader Poll: Which Phone?

Evil, Birthday-Forgetting Husband, in an attempt to compensate for his grave spousal neglect and emotional cruelty, has offered to buy me a new, sophisticated mobile phone to replace my current clunky, 1980s version, which has to be powered by Pauline's hamster running on her exercise wheel.

He has a colleague selling two very swanky models. They are both top of the range, state of the art Nokias, and one has an incorporated 4.1 mega digital camera. The second one has incorporated camera and even a vibrating function. The colleague may be willing to negotiate a good price.

As you know, I may be very clever in some areas, but am technologically challenged in today's bewildering world of uploads, downloads, MP3s and IPods (nothing to do with peas, apparently). I still play "records" on a "gramophone", wear a bustle and crinoline to retain my girlish figure, and draw water from the well when I'm thirsty.

I know absolutely nothing about mobile phones, and as Evil Hubby is still languishing in the Deadly Cone of Silence Ms. Mac so thoughtfully provided for me, I am unable to seek his advice.

I hereby request the assistance of my faithful readers in selecting one of the two super cool phones pictured below:


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