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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just A Little Prick

In the interests of migraine prevention, I had my first ever acupuncture treatment last night. The treatment itself was very relaxing: the doctor simply applied three needles to the nape of my neck, one in the back of each hand, and two on the top of each foot. It didn't exactly hurt, but the needles were quite a lot larger than the hair's breadth I had imagined!

Their distinctive coppery appearance inspired me to design a range of jewellery in my mind's eye, while I lay back and relaxed for 20 minutes. A heavy rain shower thrummed pleasingly on the corrugated plastic roof (the consulting room is in a kind of verandah stuck on to the back of the doctor's house).

Afterwards he said to me "As this is your first treatment ever, it might actually provoke a migraine".

Well thanks for the timing! If I had known that earlier, I wouldn't have scheduled the appointment in between two international business trips, a publishing deadline and tonight's ballet class, duh! As it turns out, I'm just a little fragile today and not full on sick and irritable, thank goodness.

Note to self: fully research all future alternative therapies before trying them.

The Lovely Ms. Mac kindly reminded me to make sure all needles had been removed before I went home and bedded French Hubby, but she said it with a kind of smirk... I'm sure she really was hoping to hear about some hilarious nocturnal mishaps. It would have made for a good blog post...


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