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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Goodness me, there's nothing like a spontaneous quickie at lunchtime to brighten up a deadly boring working day, now is there?

Of course you'll never know whether I'm referring to a Quickburger, a quick drink, or something else entirely...

But I'm wearing a bit of a glow, and it ain't ketchup, Baby!


  • At Tue Sep 12, 10:51:00 pm, Blogger Geena said…

    LOL...I once had an affair with a colleague (no I wasn't married at the time) and we used to have lunchtime quickies in the basement storeroom under the 'White House' (where all the top nobs sat)..nothing like it to give zing to your day..not that I'm saying you had a quickie with anyone other than hubby..just talking about me..very good at that, y'know!

    Go girl!

  • At Fri Sep 15, 01:43:00 am, Blogger hobbes said…

    ah yes - the lunchtime quickie. The cure for everything


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