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Monday, May 14, 2007

Fragile Monday

I'm a bit pre-migrainey today and therefore even more sensitive than usual to loud noises, and even not-very-loud noises...

The Lovely Ms. Mac already thinks it’s hilarious that I cannot eat Rice Krispies (the snap! crackle! and POP! turn me into a trembling, gibbering wreck). Just think how amusing it would be if you could see me leap ten feet in the air at every passer-by who lets out a cough, sneeze or a laugh - not to mention the odd backfiring car, which actually causes quasi-cardiac arrest in my feeble little thorax.

The day started badly at 5 am: Evil French Hubby did that popping sound with his mouth in his sleep, his face only inches from mine, and it jerked me awake in the most terrifying manner. My entire body actually left the mattress in fright and remained elevated for several seconds. I may not survive another attack like that. He may have to sleep with a bag on his head tonight.


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