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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Next Time Someone Asks You A Favour, Research It Before You Acquiesce

So my adorable and earthy-humoured buddy The Lovely Doc asked me if I would like to do a Baingan Bartha, because her handsome husband really likes it.

I immedately replied "Ooooh yes, of course I will. I'm game for any new experience!"

And now I find out it's not a position from the Kama Sutra after all.



  • At Fri Sep 14, 08:19:00 am, Blogger ViVi said…


    I can't wait to see you! :)

  • At Fri Sep 14, 09:19:00 am, Blogger The Sagittarian said…

    I am off to find that in my dictionary, will first have to put down my glass of vino, then crawl over the pile of ironing, shift a few kids shoes, shove the cat off the bookshelf....

  • At Wed Sep 19, 07:22:00 am, Blogger islaygirl said…

    CRYING with laughter. thank you so much for stopping by my place.

    i have been traipsing through your archives and laughing hysterically at the Bosom Problem. It reminds me of my first summer in Paris (well, ok, my ONLY summer in paris). It was incredibly cold all summer, and then suddenly at the end of July it warmed up and i got to wear my very demure sundresses. and was propositioned everywhere i went.

    i, too, am proud of The Girls, but discovered my Inner Prude, as well. (And your bosoms are lovely. I mean that in a totally blogfriendly kind of way.)

  • At Mon Oct 08, 08:26:00 am, Blogger The Sagittarian said…

    Now then, maybe we should all "get our girls out" to show support (??) for our Rugby attempt going tits up!!


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