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Monday, July 30, 2007

Early Alzheimer’s, Here I Come!

You may think I am not particularly sensitive, nor politically correct to speak flippantly of a degenerative brain disease afflicting the elderly and feeble-minded among us….

But fuck you!

Damnit, I keep losing things.

Alas, my brand new pink-framed sunglasses: we were together but such a short, sweet time.. How I will miss you! I only bought you because I lost my very cool sunnies just days before going on holiday. You cost me a steep 20 euros. Last time I saw you, you were dangling precariously from my cleavage as I squatted elegantly to pee in a fragrant pine forest, during a two hour hike with the children.

Next day I laced up my hiking boots again and retraced my steps, in the hope that some kind person might have suspended you from a branch at eye-level, just as another kind soul had done with a pair of lacy, red, see-through panties during our original hike.

But it was not to be. Farewell, Pink Sunnies!

[In fact, I won’t really miss them that much, because their branches were too wide and hurt my ears. But they sure were pretty!]


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