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Saturday, October 13, 2007

No Lunch Out Tomorrow Then

French Hubby won't be taking us out to lunch tomorrow... France lost 9-14 to England. He will probably make me scrub the floors with a toothbrush instead. Damn, am I destined to always be on the losing side?

It was such a nail-biting match! France played well but the older chaps looked tired towards the end, and the English defence was simply impenetrable. Johnny Wilkinson made a miraculous return to form and won the game for England with his magic kicking.

If Beauxis hadn't had to leave the game early, I feel sure he would have attempted (and scored) a few drop goals. My boyfriend Séb Chabal came so close to scoring a try: he could have, would have been such a hero!

Ah well, I'll be consoling him in my dreams tonight, in the nicest possible way, and in the best possible taste!


  • At Thu Oct 18, 01:28:00 am, Blogger The Sagittarian said…

    Ah, we watched that game too. We were all cheering for France. Sadly they paid as much attention to us as our own team did.
    I adore the idea of champange quaffing during a match! Gal after my own heart.


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