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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Real-Time, Stream of Consciousness Blogging During the Rugby World Cup Semi Final

Half-time, France leading, but only just, with 6-5! England scored a try after only 1 minute and 52 seconds! Amazing!

Omigod, when Chabal was "injured" (his down-time only lasted a few minutes), the sight of his stupendous, tattooed thigh in glorious close-up on the telly sent shock waves through my entire body. I shouted to the ref that I was available to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if necessary. My husband, only centimetres away on the sofa, just laughed. I told him he should grow a beard and let his hair grow long too, and he just laughed again - we are of course drinking champagne during the match.

Jason Robinson is incredibly cute and Johnny Wilkinson is angelic-looking, and a kicking super hero, although he's missed one penalty and a conversion so far tonight, which is very disappointing, although it was a tough angle, to be honest. Jason and Johnny can be my boyfriends when I'm only wanting a pocket-size version, but most of the time I will need the Maxi-Boyfriend, i.e. Chabal.

I expected to be fully supporting France tonight, but my English roots (thanks Dad!) are showing and I'm thoroughly enjoying the match, as I don't have to suffer the emotional torment of watching the All Blacks play.

Second half starting, see ya later!


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