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Monday, December 17, 2007

Bouncing Back!

Dearest Party Animal,

Jaysus! who let that whinging depressive into our blog? You haven't been sharing our access code with any escapees from your local looney-bin have you? You know how I warned you about not sharing your famous hospitality with every bedraggled, friendless, but mildly amusing, waif who crosses your path and tugs at your heartstrings. She must have had one gin & lemonade too many. They don't call it Mother's Ruin for nothing!

I had a fabulous Sunday: indulged in a long lie-in, went into a sugar trance after a Christmas baking frenzy with the kids; we also whipped up a simple peasant repast of duck breasts in orange sauce and black olives (with green beans and wild rice) for lunch, walked and jogged off the calories in the forest, and collapsed on t'sofa with a hot cup of tea and Harry Potter.

Early bed, luscious, dream-filled sleep (I was dreaming about someone sexy, and believe me Honey, it wasn't Harry Potter), and I am now ready to climb mountains and wrestle tigers again. Bring them on!

Hot Lovin' and Naughty Thoughts,



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