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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dearest Clara Cantankerous,

Are you bouncing around yet? Or are you still scowling at Mrs Sniffy-No Tissues and her coterie of similarly crass colleagues? I find myself particularly energised this morning. I have been out on my morning constitutional. There was snow on the ground but the sun came out and showed off some beautifully blue sky in amongst the heavy clouds. I have plans to go down to the drying room (obviously my penance for something I did in a previous life) later this morning before the children come home for lunch. Then, in the afternoon I am entertaining a Christian for Coffee. You know how I love my Christians.

The latest blanket of snow in the Village of the Damned is melting which makes the place look very unkempt. I may have to get out there later on in the afternoon and breathe hot air very heavily over it all to melt it quicker. You know I like things tidy.

We have a scandal in the house involving a car parked in the visitor's parking spot without number plates and an anonymous note. It's all very exciting. I check the house notice board every time I go down into the cellar to kiss my neo-classic mercedes to see the latest round of angry German pinned up for all and sundry to see. Talk about air your dirty linen in public! My linen is always clean before I air it in public, or even in pubic, of course.

My internet is v e r y s l o w this morning so I have been slamming laptops shut and swearing very loudly. It's a very pleasant atmosphere round here, to be sure.

With much love on the day before your DAY OFF!



  • At Thu Dec 13, 01:30:00 pm, Blogger mr. mac said…

    "Talk about air your dirty linen in public! My linen is always clean before I air it in public, or even in pubic,.."

    I prefer it when your pubic gets dirty on the linen :-o

    I'll get me coat...


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