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Monday, December 03, 2007

Dearest Walking Wonderwoman (and Global Blogging Phenomenon),

I'm imagining you striding about the Swiss mountains like a Valkyrie today. Are you enjoying atmospheric, swirling mists and wind too? Perhaps you have cunningly stashed a container of dry ice in your pockets, to enhance the operatic atmosphere, you know. I have had a second strong black coffee this morning, which seems to be dragging my brians from their druggy daze.

Do you remember that boasty comment I posted on your blog years ago, when you wanted to know which famous people your readers had met? Well I've just realised that I left one off my rather long list!

The Lovely Michelle in Welly reminded me this morning, when discussing the recent hysteria engendered by David Beckham's appearance in a charity match with his LA Galaxy team, that I had my pic taken with a certain famous British soccer star, J. Fashanu. It was way back in 1982 when I was captain of our school's First Eleven. He was visiting NZ and guest-coaching school teams.

The annoying thing is, I can't for the life of me remember whether he was the lovely Justin Fashanu, Britain's first ever million pound black footballer who later declared his homosexuality, became a victim of virulent homophobia in the UK, sank deeper into a series of sleazy scandals, bizarrely dated actress Julie Goodyear (Corrie's Bet Lynch) who "admitted to her lesbian past", and finally topped himself in a cold garage in London.

Or whether it was his younger brother John Fashanu, squeaky clean, who became a telly presenter in the UK, then moved to Africa to demonstrate tyres, and is now a television game show host in Nigeria.

All I can remember is that Mr Fashanu was extremely tall (like, a whole metre taller than me!), dark and handsome, and it was a great honour to be coached by him.

I will have to ask my parents to dig out my old autograph book and photo album in order to discover the truth about this perplexing mystery. Or else I won't be able to sleep at night...

Breast wishes,


  • At Tue Dec 04, 01:47:00 am, Blogger Michelle said…

    The photo appeared in the local daily paper.I can't remember which J Fashanu it was either, but happily confirm he was tall, dark and utterly georgous.


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