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Friday, November 30, 2007

Early Froiday Start

Dearest Hospital Hanger Out At,

Kids started school at 8 am today and Mr Grumpy is having his Froiday off, so I took the wee cherubs to their place of learning in the car and got to the orifice sufficiently early to make three calls to Australia! Those always put me in a good mood! They call me "mate" and say things like "it was a pain in the arse". It also explines woy Oy'm toyping in a 'stralian accent tahday.

But firstly had stopped at the village market where I discovered a new fishmonger, with an impressive range of wares. Oh my God! I went mad! and bought three tasty ready-made things for my lunch!

1) baby octopus salad in a tomatoey spicy dressing,

2) brandade de morue (creamed potatoes with salt cod and lashings of garlic), and

3) some tiny stuffed red peppers, just like your Italian poppadews, but stuffed with tuna instead of cream cheese.

Oh sorry, have I turned your stomach?

Got a rugent (that's even more urgent than just urgent) translation to do first, will get back to you with more from my scintillating loife in half an hour.

Lurve and fishy kisses,


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