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Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Sxt Msg From Loos in Posh Geneva Hotel

Dearest Impatient New Car Owner,

I enjoyed a perfect, angel-dusted, relentless slumber until fuckin’ 3 am when the bastarding hotel radiator launched its ‘SERIES OF PINGS AT MEGA DECIBELS’ world tour, kick-off gig at Geneva’s Hotel ****, Room 412. The bags under my eyes consequently match the suitcase containing Ms. Mac’s presents.

Conference very busy, if boring. Colleague warned me discreetly that my cleavage was visible. D’uh! I acted surprised and pretended to look for a safety pin to fix my naughty blouse. Am currently hiding in the loos until she goes back into the auditorium for the next debate.

Have a hurty thumb from all this hi-speed texting. Will report from front lines of lunch banquet with culinary details. Stand by!

Knackered kisses,



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