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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dearest TimTam Titillater,

Had I known yesterday about the hypothetical TimTam debate, then I would most certainly have come out of my self imposed exile to hypothetically chuck in my two cents.

Hypothetically, I would be able to choose between so many wonderful flavours of TimTam, although in actuality, the task would be far, far harder (that's what she said). Hypothetically, I would certainly discard the Poo flavoured ones and suggest that perhaps that particular flavour had been a bad hypothetical business decision on the part of Arnotts. Hypothetically, I would also discard the packet that has a suspicious tear in the packaging with some of the contents missing because you know, I like things tidy.

And so to the remaining hypothetical choice between Choc & Raspberry, Chewy Caramel and Double Chocolate. Well, call me Sophie because it's almost impossible. Chewy Caramel with its oh-so-delectable stripe of toffee-i-ness sandwiched down the middle of the two crunchy biscuits? Chocolate and Raspberry, surely after Mo√ęt et Chandon and Captain & Tennille, one of humanity's most inspired combinations? Or, double chocolate- traditional TimTam crunch'n'cream covered twice in my favourite food group?


Hypothetically, dearest soulie, I would be out of my mind to not choose Double Chocolate wouldn't I? Of course, I'm not hypothetically excited by the prospect of a Christmas present at all now.

With Chocolate & Raspberry love and Chewy Caramel kisses,

Mrs Double Chocoholic



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