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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Catch Up

Dearest Snowy Maiden,

How was your Chocolate Bunny Orgy Weekend? Mine is now only a blur of chocolatey sloth.

My MIL was really too ill to receive us on Easter Sunday, so I did the roast-leg-of-lamb-stuffed-with-garlic-&-rosemary-and-slathered-with-mustard thing in my own oven and it was FABULOUS.

The weekend also involved lots of lying around, reading, knitting, watching movies and playing board games with offspring in between snow showers and short walks in the brief sunny spells. I was in one of my Luddite moods and did not go near the computer all weekend, which was very refreshing.

I am however now chained to my desk and will remain at your electronic beck and call all day, should you require medical assistance, sex tips, calorific recipes, dirty jokes, or personal hygiene advice.

Much lazy love and wobbly-bottomed kisses,




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