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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Throbbing Thursday

Dearest Naughty Football Player Groupie,

While you were busy looking up football players' shorts yesterday, I was entertaining three extremely charming clients from overseas. One Swiss, one Kiwi and one Aussie! There must be a joke in there...

We took them to dinner in my quaint little village and I foolishly indulged in what seemed like a sensible meal: a small amount of foie gras, white fish in creamy sauce, fresh fruit and only one glass of wine. But I went to bed very late indeed and spent the entire night tossing, turning and listening to my digestion. Am feeling extremely seedy today. As seedy as a whole field of seedy grasses in fact.

And as we have a staff meeting all morning, I'll not be able to thrill you with any details or juicy goss.

So just sit quietly with your hands on the desk until I'm back.

Love and heartburn kisses,




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