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Thursday, June 05, 2008

*Yawns* Sorry, what was that?

Errr, I mean, no, of course you're not becoming a ballet bore! You could never be boring and I mean that with all of my being! You silly soulie sausage. I need to know all about your ballet antics so I can vicariously live the life of a prima ballerina! I simply cannot wait to see all the photos of the extravaganza in time. What? I'm being sincere.

I know it's terribly cruel and a complete betrayal of the sisterhood to mock a fellow blogger so mercilessly but what can I say? She totally asks for it. Every time.

I gained 2 friggin' kgs this week and I swear, I swear I don't know how. I even ate a salad when I went to Burger King for Ewan's birthday so I could compensate for chocolate birthday cake first. FFS! I should have eaten the chips and burger after all. Bastard! This week I am being very good and only eating cherry tomatoes. I expect, by the end of the week, to be a cherry tomato version of Violet Beauregarde. Tres attractive, I think you'll agree.

I was so pleased to receive your photo by MMS this morning. Please, please tell me that you're also able to receive photos on your mobile telephonic apparatus. I have an extremely important social engagement this weekend (some might say, the event of the year) for which I need to go dress-shopping tomorrow. Perhaps I might try some on, photograph myself in them and send it to you for your opinion? Perhaps I might indeed.

Am kind of, sort of, watching horrible British chat show where they take people from socio-economically deprived communities and exploit them by asking them to air their dirty laundry on national tv. It's awful. I will have to save my soul and switch it off.

Mr Mac is in Abu Dhabi. How ridiculous.

With enthralled-still-with-ballet love and quisses,



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