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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Turgid Tuesday

Dearest Ms. Mac, whom I want to be just like when I grow up, only with a stronger bladder ,

As you know, my horrendous neglect of you is due to my new career as a top fashion designer. You can see pictorial proof of my talents on the other blog.

The ballet school recital is drawing near, and my life is a frenzy of sewing costumes, rehearsing dances, sweating profusely (but delicately) and worrying obsessively. My children have ceased to exist. The birds no longer impinge upon my consciousness, and their uncleaned cages are graced with teetering piles of little droppings. You would almost certainly catch typhoid if you ate in my kitchen.

Last night I had to take some refreshments (cold beers and home-made pizza) to the chaps who were setting up the theatre and stage with heavy lighting equipment, sound system and seating for 300. They were all young, virile and handsome. It’s a tough life! I hung around for a while, simpering, and trying not to get in their way as they manfully wrestled long, iron, pole thingies and vast, boxy, amp thingies into place. But sadly it was a long job, and I was needed back at my sewing machine before they had finished, so I was not able to sup with them. I will go back tonight to reclaim my (hopefully) empty Tupperware, not a little sadly.

But! Life must go on, and I trust you will entertain our readers with loving (and naughty) anecdotes while I am being all busy and important.

Frazzled love & kisses,




  • At Wed Jun 04, 05:56:00 pm, Blogger hexe said…

    I think the lovely Ms. Mac took care of the naughtiness quota for the week with the Monday post. I am so damn old that it took a bit for me to comprehend. It was minutes later when I burst out laughing while sweeping the floor that my kids thought I'd lost the few brain cells that remained after their births.


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