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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dearest Ray of Light,

SwissPost/TNT have been and gone. And I missed them. I know. By about 4 Minutes. Really, You Must Love Me. I just Hung Up the phone from them. They will return zwischen 1400 und 1600 heute nachmittag. Note to Self: Must remember to pack my bloody passport on Sat morning. Paris is Miles Away. In another country, even.

Rain required an emergency change of footwear this morning. Had to wear trainers to walk in. Now I have blisters on my heels. My wet-tissue paper feet haved foiled me again. The cloven hooves of old have returned. I do hope blisters are in Vogue.

Is the proofreading going well? The months just fly past, don't they? I hope I didn't make your brain explode with my few words of German earlier in addition to the proofreading. I'm sure it hasn't killed you and you'll live to Die Another Day.

Will write more later. Must go and do some shopping for Patrick's b'day cake(s!!!) for tomorrow. I'm Borderline beside myself with urgency.

Give it 2 Me, baby and write soon,

Sticky love and sweet kisses,



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