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Monday, September 22, 2008

Your Pain au Chocolat was Delicious!

Dearest Breakfast-less Babe,

I know when I sexted you to tell you that I had stolen forgotten to give you your pain au chocolat back, I said I stick it in my good mood book along with my Madonna ticket, but I got hungry and greedily gobbled your half-gnawed pain au chocolat somewhere between Strasbourg and Basel. My train-neighbour didn't know that it wasn't me who put the bite marks in it earlier in the day so I thought it was fair game.

It was delicious. Your saliva glands produce sweet bodily fluids!

I don't know about any of your other bodily fluids because you spurned my amorous advance in bed last night so cruelly. I was dreaming- your hairy legs made me think you were one of Madonna's gypsy mates who was serenading me in my slumber.

You might want to watch out for that.


ps. It's not snoring, it's a rhythmical deep breathing.


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