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Monday, August 10, 2009

Here Comes Trouble

Dearest Ms. Mac,

I don't ever wish for your actual demise, as it would be a tragic loss to humankind, but if (and before) you do happen to cark it suddenly one day, please will you update your will immediately, in order to bequeath me your new, red strappy sandals? They would be somewhat of a consolation for in me in my terrible grief.

Thanks Lovey.

In other news, my new baby gave me a heart attack tonight by squeezing through an incredibly small hole to frolic in my neighbour's garden! Ungrateful little shite! Luckily I was watching her, otherwise I might never have seen her again. I was sure the whole fence was impenetrable but she can apparently flatten herself like a mouse. The little bugger will be confined to the cage until Mr Grumpy Blackheart has built a proper hutch/exercise pen.

He has gone out and bought the appropriate building materials already! I thought I was going to have to pout and nag for several weeks. Score!


  • At Tue Aug 11, 04:33:00 am, Blogger Forest Green said…

    What a TERRIFIC bunny! She looks so sweet. And the rabbit looks pretty cuddly too!

  • At Thu Aug 13, 04:43:00 pm, Blogger Mickle in NZ said…

    Who do I love more - Antipo or Fluff?

    Such a tough choice, maybe I'll decide when Antipo posts a photo where Antipo doesn't look so triumphant, and Fluff doesn't look so alarmed!

    Sweets - Fluff is meant to be your loving cuddly friend, you'll just have to try harder, m'lass.

  • At Fri Aug 14, 05:52:00 am, Blogger The Sagittarian said…

    Our Gretel chewed his way out of his hutch! We are in the process of constructing a chew-proof house for the wee blighter and as it has been so wet and cold here we haven't got round to making a play-pen for the wabbits yet.

  • At Tue Aug 18, 10:37:00 pm, Anonymous andy said…

    I like your hair "up" in this picture :-)

    I refuse to comment on the bunny, other than to say that I do enjoy stew ;-)

  • At Fri Sep 25, 12:07:00 pm, Blogger JChevais said…

    Your new fluff is darling. I hope you are teaching it loads of naughty things apt to drive Blackheart bonkers.

    Much platonic gurl love. I miss you.


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