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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Dearest, Loveliest Ms. Mac in the Whole Wide World,

I have just about managed to overcome my jealousy at the thought of you escorting two (and I quote) "lovely, gorgeous Australians" around the Village of the Damned this week (hmmph! I thought "lovely, gorgeous Australians" was a contradiction in terms anyway).

And I graciously decided that I will unbend from today's frosty silence just long enough to post you these special flowers

from my very own garden, picked for you at great expense.

How will you be celebrating the special anniversary of your Twenty-First Burpday? Will the lovely Mr. Mac be doing all the cooking and opening bottles of wine? I so wish I could be there to share in the fun and dancing. And to give those "lovely, gorgeous Australians" a lesson in How To Party.

So, you are honoured to accept my fondest, most special birthday wishes to you, my first and only soulie, whose graven image shares a silver, heart-shaped frame with my own fair features.

I wish you much happiness (if you can possibly manage to have any fun at all without my sparkling presence) and many bottles of Veuve Cocquelicot to moisten the proceedings.

Fantastic love and PartyTime kisses,



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