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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Dress

Fluff called me from Melbourne! Her wedding is 11 months away but she has already bought a dress and chosen a matching venue. The story of how she found the dress is so deliciously Fluff.

She intended to simply buy a beautiful frock, as it is her second marriage, she’s 43 and she supposed she would have a low-key wedding this time around. (Here I thought ‘But Fluff doesn’t know the meaning of low-key!’). Additionally, she wanted a dress she could wear again on future occasions. On a whim she and her daughter stopped in at a bridal boutique one day and tried on bridal gowns just for fun, with no serious retail intentions. However, the gowns all contained remarkable corsetry, intricate boning and structures that firmed her curves, plumped up her splendours, and felt simply divine.

Fluff had no intention of forking out hundreds of dollars on a made-to-measure gown, but decided she would have to buy a corset to wear under a pretty frock. However, the effect was not as shimmery and intoxicating. She was hooked, and began researching corsetry. Fluff is an extremely gifted seamstress and felt sure she could make her own corset and dress. Sadly the procedure proved, after hours of research and visiting corsetry suppliers, to be lengthy and costly, and frankly too much bother.

During the course of her research she came across a website specialising in RED wedding gowns. That sparked off a new longing in the sartorial hemisphere of Fluff’s lovely brain, the part that goes Ping! when it sees satin and shantung and lustrous reflets and she went back for another round of trying on bridal gowns in the boutiques.

One weekend, near her fiancé’s weekend cottage in a small town, she came across the perfect RED dress and bought it. The hardest thing is not being able to wear it for a whole year. The Dress is being stored at her mother’s house, safely out of temptation’s way.

She subsequently found a venue that will set off The Dress to its best advantage. Her choice of marriage celebrant will surely be sympathetic to The Dress. All that remains is to invite guests who will flatter The Dress.

And what of ‘a dress she could wear again on future occasions’? In true Fluff style, she will wear The Dress to dinners, picnics and PTA meetings, and she will bedazzle the bejesus out of everyone else!


  • At Thu Nov 05, 05:38:00 pm, Blogger paris parfait said…

    One of my friends in Paris got married in a red dress. If one looks good in red and can carry it off, why not? Sounds like your friend will look gorgeous and dazzle everyone!

  • At Thu Nov 05, 05:58:00 pm, Blogger Trac said…

    I wore red at my wedding a zillion years ago.

    Congratulations to Fluff. I'm sure she will look fabulous.

    Unlike me as I was quite pregnant at the time and looked like a big red tent.(Nearest I've ever got to camping in my adult life or intend to)

  • At Sat Nov 07, 09:46:00 pm, Blogger The Sagittarian said…

    Yup, I too was a 'harlot in scarlet' and married in red, to this day I can't keep white clean so it seemed the best mum married in a lemon dress which was probably quite daring in 1955!

  • At Sun Nov 08, 08:16:00 am, Blogger Mr. Urs said…

    There are theses rare moments I'm envious of women.

  • At Wed Apr 14, 02:00:00 pm, Anonymous The Bold Soul said…

    I nearly did choose a red dress for my wedding, until I saw this yummy spring green one that I just fell in love with. I think my mother was glad I didn't get married in something "slutty" looking; I happen to like looking slutty sometimes, and really at 46 I think wearing white would have been a huge joke.

    And I love that you say "frock".


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