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Friday, September 25, 2009

Dispatch from The Village of the Damned

Sweet Bunny Lover,

Yes, I got your sunny sext yest but was so green with envy I was unable to string a coherent sentence together to wish you the greatest joy while stroking your rabbit in the sun.

Nothing going on as yet. My showdown with my arch nemesis isn't until 4:30pm so think of me then as I sit biting my tongue until it bleeds. According to Fight Club you can swallow about three pints of your own blood before you vomit which should mean I manage to not puke by the end of the meeting. The overwhelming urge to scream, "Well he's got his apprenticeship now so shut the fuck up!" will be incredibly hard to overcome.

Hehe- Hard.

Your lovely clients will miss your sunny disposition dreadfully. Have you warned your dear, naive young replacement about the sniffer? And do you think Jesus will be sorry to see you go? How will he bear the loss of his crush?

My caramel slice was amazing and yet, still not perfect. I shall have to keep trying until it is fit to be sold at market. And then I won't sell it, I will eat it all alone when everyone is out at work/school. *evil cackles*

Muchos cute and furry besos (I grew a moustache just to compete with the bunny)



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