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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Do List

- Buy fabric rose to accessorize my Flapper headband for Charleston costume (dance recital only 1 month away).

- Finish altering figure-hugging, peacock-blue satin cheong-sam for dance recital.

- Buy and read Della Says OMG by the Lovely Keris Stainton, shower her with praise and stalk her until she deigns to meet me and impart her writerly wisdom.

- Wait feverishly for the postman to bring my bridesmaid's dress

from my personal dressmaker in Australia, so I can try it on and practice the complicated, yet sleekly elegant sash-tying technique.

- Clean out the putrid glob of old hairs & soap scum blocking the plughole in the bath because it's starting to stink...


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