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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Do Men Know?

Dearest Ms. Mac,

Do you think men know that sometimes, for example on a Sunday morning when you are looking foward to a long lie-in but the spouse has other ideas, and while he’s pumping away you are thinking ‘I must get the chicken breasts out early to finish thawing before lunch, and I will fry the courgettes and diced pumpkin in a separate pan from the chicken curry or else the little one won’t eat it, and I hope I’ve got enough apples to make a really big crumble to last for two days, and oh God I wish he’d hurry up because I need to get to the supermarket early to avoid the crowds and I don’t even want to go there but I urgently need to buy that magic correcting fluid to restore to whiteness my son’s chef’s uniform which I accidentally stained pink in the laundry yesterday because I so foolishly added to the wash that bright pink sheet (which I originally dyed fuschia to match Ms. Mac’s blog and so the Bloggers’ Pick-Knickers would find us easily in Paris four years ago), and he needs the uniform clean and ironed by 7 am tomorrow.’?

I bet they have no idea.


  • At Sun Nov 08, 02:34:00 pm, Blogger Mr. Urs said…

    How are men supposed to know? We just can't do multi-task.

  • At Sun Nov 08, 03:19:00 pm, Blogger La Bête said…

    Yeah, you probably don't want to know what he's thinking either. You might find you're equally absent in his version too.

  • At Wed Feb 10, 09:01:00 am, Anonymous Jenny said…

    wow, did you ever get it that while the biggest idea on your mind is what's in the fridge, he's hoping like heck that you don't speak and ruin the moment with reality. Please post that your idea of sexual reciprocity is not a representation of alot of woman, including my 45 year old butt. I love sex with my husband. I loved it when he filled me with tastes and fresh or tried and true positions...Sundays or anyday. but hey, if we were all the same, who would your husband fantasize about?


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