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Friday, April 07, 2006

Saved From THE BIG TALK (for now)...

Referring back to the dreaded Very Intimate Chat With My Son ...

Thank you to those who commented and left helpful and/or amusing hints. Come to think of it, most were amusing and few were helpful.

As for leaving it to Kevin's father to explain what may be happening to his body.... Well, when it comes to Intimate Chats, that man is about as useful as a chocolate teapot on a summer's day in the middle of the Great Calamari Desert. So when the day comes, I'll be stepping into the breach, for sure.

But I've been let off the hook for now, by a kindly male friend, who interrogated me gently about the ... evidence... I only blushed fourteen times during the ten minute chat. He then assured me that I was probably jumping to a hasty conclusion, and that it is extremely unlikely to have been what I thought it was and so it's probably best to let sleeping dogs (arf! arf!) lie for the moment, if I don't want to make my son unnecessarily anxious. There'll plenty of opportunities to traumatise him later anyway.

I shall sleep easier in my bed (ooh! I said "bed"!) tonight. In fact, I'm so knackered that I'm counting on getting at least eight hours sleep, hopefully free of dreams, wet or otherwise.

Actually, that reminds me, I'm very curious to know if any of my girlie readers have ever experienced a kind of . ... well you know... um...

.. . oh never mind!


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