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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Molester

At work I make many phone calls every day, to people all over the world. For some of my contacts I have both an office and a mobile phone number. Because I was well brought up, I always try and call them on the office number first, as I don't like to disturb a contact if he or she is in a meeting, for example. However, if the secretary encourages me to call my contact on the mobile, I do so. I always begin by introducing myself and saying politely "I hope I'm not disturbing you?"

Be patient - the point of the story will soon be revealed.

I make my sales calls in four languages. The Spanish verb "to disturb" is molestar.

My absolute favourite thing in the whole wide world is to ring up and say "Hola SeƱor, it's Antipo from Acme Inc., I hope I'm not molesting you?"


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