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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Letter to The Lovely Aussie Lass and Handsome Bob

Dar Ling! and Sweetie Pie!

You know I adore you both! I would never criticise your Utter Loveliness(es)!

And, although I know you are both terribly busy and important in your sweet little job thingies, I am a tiny bit hurt (well mortally wounded, and gushing great streams of life-sustaining arterial blood actually), that neither of you commented on my Bob & Katia Do Paris post ....

Was it the "Katia acted like a celebrity" remark? Did it offend you in some way? You know, my Precious Petal, that it was only a device of comedic effect, intended to goad you into a smart-arsed reply! Ah yes, I am a wise old woman now, and I know (or remember) how youthful minds work. I take a special pleasure in twisting and manipulating youthful minds, and bending them to my dark, sinister will...

Or perhaps Bob is unhappy about having his name associated with the world famous Toilet Karma Theory...

But fear not! We can still be friends, if you rectify the situation at your earliest possible convenience!

Of course I do realise you must have been busy lately, what with swanning all over the countryside and socialising with wholesome young people who have no hidden agenda relating to their blogs.

But I feel I must confess my heretofore previously hidden weakness... whenever one of my precious blog posts - created so lovingly by my own fair hands - languishes with the chilling proclamation "0 COMMENTS" emblazoned the width of its fair bottom, I do feel quite heartbroken and dispirited, not to mention a trifle nauseous.

Yours, in self-pity,



  • At Tue May 15, 04:52:00 pm, Anonymous Toilet Karma Guy said…

    I never imagined that my lack of comment would cause you such distress!!! I replied to your email and thought that would be enough, but now I realize the error of my non-commenting ways.

    I'm happy to be associated with toilet karma and had a wonderful team reading your witty description of our wonderful day!

  • At Wed May 16, 10:26:00 pm, Blogger woman wandering said…

    So I wandered on over from your comment at my place and arrived at your profile page ... chose this blog of course and wanted to say that although it was simply delicious to find your comment over on my blog, I have reservations about having my tv performance youtubed!!!

    Sheessh! I write skinnier than I am (in my own mind which is enough)... tonight's performance revealed that I'm not so slim, I'm still dealing with it ... that combined with the whole squeaky-voiced laryngitis thing and youtubed suddenly seems 'ew yucky' and 'better happening to others'

    Anyway, so I was thinking I'd sit on your comment just in case it gave anyone ideas that they wouldn't have had without reading you.

    Sigh ... and sigh again, I hadn't thought of that happening however, if it does, I shall send that link to you immediately to make up for any offence done by my chicken-hearted-oh-my-god-I-hope-no-one-thinks-of -does-that action.

  • At Sun May 20, 11:29:00 am, Blogger Katia said…

    A little bit of shunning never hurt anyone. hehe.

    Honestly, when you sum it up so well, what more can I say? I'm just terribly terribly terribly embarrassed by this public shaming.


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