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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hi, My Name is Antipo and I’m a Creative Swearaholic

You know you’re having a bad day when ten things have made you swear black and blue, and it’s not even 9 am…

1) I was so groggy when I woke up that I took the wrong asthma medicine - the one that gives me the shakes, so I normally only take it at bedtime. Oh shitty-shakey-shit!

2) My erstwhile best friend (pink grapefruit for breakfast) burned and stung me this morning, signalling the presence of a nasty, vindictive mouth ulcer. Buggery-fucky-poo!

3) One offspring threw a tanty when asked to clean a birdcage - he has no school for the next two months! Bollocky-cheeky-buggery! I’m going to find a HARD job for him to do every single day. Oh how I wish the chopping of wood was necessary to make the television function.

4) Another offspring got all sniffy when I tactfully suggested an artistic way of arranging the Maltesers on the cake for her end-of-school party. She wanted an elegant minimalist arrangement of just seven or eight Maltesers in the centre of the cake, but I insisted on adding enough so that every child in the class could have one. She accused me of being a soulless philistine, then cold-shouldered me all the way to school. Cheeky-pissanty-drama-queenness!

5) Tarty and vulgar woman in front of me in the queue at the bakery made my nostrils curl up and die with her vast cloud of cheap, toxic perfume. Slaggy-bitchity-toady-slime!

6) French Drivers Part One: Exaggeratedly loud traffic noises – impatient hooting, squealing brakes and aggressive revving of engines hurt my delicate ears on the way to work. Fucky-wanky-macho-shitheadedness!

7) French Drivers Part Two: A huge truck was blocking a narrow alley so completely that even we pedestrians couldn’t get past! Salty-ass-hat-moronitude!

8) Fabulous espresso cawfee machine at work has run out of cawfee beans. Outright vindictive prickdom!

9) Potential new client did not send his order form as promised. I now have only 24 hours in which to find two new clients in order to meet my monthly target. Bastardy-vile-arseholey-dankness!

10) Own attempt at writing light and humorous blog post has come out all bitter and twisted, hasn’t it? Silly-vapid-has-been-bitchness!


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