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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Love You Ms. Mac (again)!

In response to my pointing out this amusing typing error:

"This increase occurs despite India's lower import requirement; it mainly results from the higher import requirement for North Africa, as well as higher imports needs in the EU, Central America (particularly Mexico, where imports in 2006/2007 slumped due to the decline in US availabilities), and the Middle Easy (Iraq). "

Stella replied:

"If there's a Middle Easy, does that mean there's a Top Easy and a Bottom Easy? I'm definitely Top easy...... Middle Easy is boring. Bottom Easy is fun but it gets you a reputation. "

Is she not the cat's whiskers of Comedic Effect? Someone give this woman a chat show! Hell, give her the presidency!


  • At Tue Jun 12, 04:51:00 pm, Blogger Ms Mac said…

    OMGOMGOMG! I made it on the Naughty Blog!

    Fame and fortune are headed my way, surely?

  • At Thu Jun 14, 02:51:00 pm, Blogger The Late Bloomer said…

    You know, I haven't been by to visit your Naughty Blog in a while, but I'm going to have to make more of a habit of it. And by all means, Antipo, if this is where you want to include the Top Ten List, PLEEEEEASE be my guest! It will be ALL the more entertaining...

    (Oh, and I've personally become a little more Middle Easy with age...)

  • At Fri Jun 15, 02:36:00 pm, Blogger Doc said…

    I do believe that the lovely Ms Mac and I need to meet...


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