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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Maintain Low Cones

Dearest Mrs Church Mouse,

Fear not, you have not been placed in the cone of silence this morning. I have merely been distracted this morning by many things. Mostly by the fact that it is snowing outside and everything is covered in white, wet stuff. I went out and did my 365 picture in it earlier. I need to go and pick up a pizza for us lunch but don't wanna take the car out in the snow so we'll have to wait until later to eat. The snow doesn't look like it's abating any time soon.

Instead of going out in the snow to grab lunch, I am listening to Jimi Hendrix and playing scrabble online with Fizz. I am winning- haha! Although, my lead could take a dive any time!

Mr Mac headed off to Tucson, Arizona, sir! this morning. I was going to drive him to t'airport but the snow prevented me. I'm not taking the vintage mercedes out in the snow with hardly any brakes and dodgy winter tyres. Sir, no sir!

I watched a wonderful fillum this morning called My Name is Joe in which a bloke called Joe is a recovering alkie and he meets a health nurse who looks just like you! Wait, I'll get her imdb.... Louise Goodall her name is but in the movie, she has your bob and there's something about her face which just looked like you. It was like watching a Glaswegian Antipo. Would that be a Weegiedéesse? Also, the fillum was extremely good, if a little bleak and depressing. The natural Glaswegian accents and the spot-on dialogue was an absolute treat.

Ooh, gotta go, Mr Mac calling from Frankfurt!

More later.

Love and lunchless quisses.

Princess Snowy Snow Snow


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