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Monday, November 12, 2007

Help! I was Robbed!

Dearest Ms. Mac, my Little Lotus Blossom,

I've been fucked by PayPal!

I received a nasty shock on Saturday: an email from PayPal confirming my “donation” of 180 euros to the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Bonjour Antipo,

Cet email confirme que vous avez envoyé à Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. ( €180,00 EUR avec PayPal.

Cette transaction apparaîtra sur votre relevé de carte bancaire sous l'intitulé PAYPAL *WIKIMEDIA.

I immediately notified both PayPal and Wikimedia that it was an unauthorised transaction. PayPal reassured me by email on Sunday that they would conduct an investigation and the funds would be frozen. If the investigation found in my favour, the amount would be reimbursed immediately.

Nous avons demandé au vendeur de nous fournir des informations à propos de
cette transaction. Durant ce laps de temps, les fonds ne seront pas
disponibles sur votre compte. En revanche, si l'étude sur la réclamation
pour activité non autorisée aboutit en votre faveur, nous vous
rembourserons intégralement le montant de la transaction.

Sadly I received a new e-mail from PayPal today to say that they concluded my proof is insufficient. My claim is rejected.

Grâce à une analyse minutieuse de la ou des transaction(s) soumise(s), le
Service clientèle PayPal est arrivé à la conclusion que les preuves sont
insuffisantes pour prendre en charge votre réclamation. C'est pourquoi
nous avons rejeté votre réclamation pour activité non autorisée sur un

Strangely, the money has not yet left my bank account. I have just closed the PayPal account (for ever! so there PayPal! You lost a really big-spending average-spending customer!), and will instruct my bank first thing in the morning to refuse to honour the Wikimedia donation.

I accept I’m probably the victim of phishing and/or spoofing. I’m hoping the original “receipt” from PayPay was in fact a hoax e-mail, trying to incite me to log in my details on a fake website. Am rather sad that I won’t be able to do my Christmas shopping the new-fashioned, easy way, i.e. sitting on my bum drinking hot chocolate and having stuff delivered at the click of a mouse.

I’m going to have to go to the inconvenience of visiting actual shops, conversing with actual sales staff, and handing over actual cheques and cash. Hey! It might be quite fun!

From now on I’m keeping my money in a sock under the mattress.

Sad love and kisses of extreme poverty,


P.S. I may have to sell my body on street corners now. Will you be my pimp?


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