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Friday, November 09, 2007

Email to Darling Antipo

Dearest Queen of Bounce and Radiance,

No, I have not snuck off for a nap. I am terrified of not sleeping tonight since you put the fear of insomnia into me earlier.

(text missing: removed to protect the innocent)

In spite of all my bitterness and extreme fatigue, I am actually in a good mood. I have won another game of scrabble on Facebook and had three bingoes in three games as well. Cesca totally whooped my ass at a game. This is why you need to add scrabble to your Facebook, so you too can humiliate me on t'internet scrabble.

Someone on Flickr called me cute. A 20year child. Poor, blind infant. They're letting the disabled on t'internet now.

Talking of disabled, yesterday, on the bus home, James saw a headline on on of the pages of the free newpaper; Ausbildung für Behinderte Sex. "Ewwwwww!" James cried at the very top of his voice, "Dad, you can go on a course to learn how to have sex with retards! How gross is that?" How Mr Mac managed not to kill him, I'll never know! Far too risque and offensive for my blog, I think you'll agree but funny as fuck.

Swear word count in this email is very high. I hope you're proud of me.




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