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Monday, December 17, 2007

Dear Antipo

I am so pleased to be the recipient of such a positive epistle today telling of a wonderful Sunday filled with such culinary delights and treasures. For, while someone was pouring their soul onto t'internet on Saturday night, I was busy entertaining guests which lead to a hangover of gargantuan proportions all yesterday. Oh, how my head pounded. Each thump from the hangover hammer punctuating a stream of syllables as such; when. thump. will. thunk. you. thump. ever. thunk. learn. thump. ? thunk.

I suspect it was the sneaky extra apero martini I had before our guests arrived what done it.

My cherubic son Ewan managed to get me out of a spot of free childcare for a woman I don't know this afternoon. Earlier this morning, I received a phone call from a mother of one of Ewan's friends who asked if I would be kind enough to have her son over to play this afternoon while he and Ewan are free from school on a Monday. I rolled my eyes and sighed but agreed to do it because of my need to please others and spent the next two hours mentally kicking my own arse for not saying no. However, when Ewan got home he asked me if we had any special plans for the afternoon. When I told him no and asked him why he needed to know he explained he had been given a school detention this afternoon for not doing his homework. Of course, I had to cancel his Abmachen. After I scolded him severely and grounded him for same, I heated him up some curry laksa and we sat at the kitchen table together, reading Harry Potter together between slurpy mouthfuls of noodley soup. It was my silent thank you to him for getting me out of my chore. He is never to know!

I wish you would tell me who your sexy dream was about. I've never dreamed of Harry Potter that way myself either but Cedric Diggory shocked me one night when I least expected it.

Totally Inappropriate Love and Barely Legal Kisses,



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