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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Road To Geneva

Antipo is on her way to Geneva; these are her stories by txt msg.


Dearest Ms Mac, we have just left only 1 hr late. My colleague is driving like a bat out of hell thru' the tranquil French countryside, causing the heavy boxes of stuff (and me) to slide around in the back. I may lose my all lunch over her shoulder.

No need to take our own champers. Luxury nibbles and free bubbly will be served by adorable little black sambos in starched white linen- aah, Geneva at its colonial best.

Am hurt and wounded that you have not memorised my October 2005 blog posts about Geneva. There will be an exam on it tomorrow night. Start cramming, you still have a chance.

Muchos carsick besos,


C*** is the sniffing, knuckle-cracker, L*** is the energetic yuppie who motivates me to sell the product, Mr & Mrs Boss are not coming after all, because of train strikes, so more slacking off opportunities for me foreseeable! Gah! H*** wants me to proofread her Very Important Speech on the laptop, gotta go.

Later Babe,


How was lunch? I had motorway roadkill (duck) and parsley potatoes with apple and rasp crumble, most excellent!

Have you dinged the new car yet? Kidding! I'm just so funny. My colleague still driving - yaay. So I can settle down for an important snooze. Please blog my text messages after judicious editing; if you feel so inclined. Our blog could become a classic road movie!

Love and happy tummy kisses.


PS. Roast duck flavoured burps exceedingly tasty.

Yours in service,

Ms Mac


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