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Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Morning Report

Dearest Holiday Hellraiser,

I do hope you are snoozing deeply and relaxing, making the most of your Pfingsten holiday lie-in, with no naughty husbands or cheeky children disturbing your rest!

I sloped in rather late to work, sporting some summery sunburn and a new, astoundingly bright fuschia-pink dress (the adjective "atomic" comes to mind), and was rather shocked to discover just how much more intense the colour is in daylight... When I chose it under the artificial shop lighting, it seemed a little more subdued and understated. Ah well, nobody can claim they didn't see me coming!

The sun simply hasn't stopped shining for about ten days now, so we once again had a fab weekend of swimming and walking, with a 20 minute attempt at tennis with offspring yesterday. I was SO bad at tennis, that it was great fun. My right arm hurts like buggery today though, so my typing may have little wobbles all over it. I hope it doesn't make you sea-sick to read.

All the lovely weather and R&R has completely emptied my brians, so you'll get no intelligence from me unless you write something so utterly witty and delightful that I will be motivated to go one better.

Hot lovin' and competitive kisses,



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