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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Mac-iversary, Baby!

Dearest Soulie Stella,

Three years ago today we met at the railway station in Dijon, for an explosive orgy of a picnic that was to seal our fate and destined us to be together always.

So today I'm having a little party (mostly in my head).

There will be champagne,

bloons (again)

and cake.

If only you could be here to share it all with me!

Congratulations on having tolerated three years of Soulie Bliss with me!

Sentimental hugs and sloppy kisses,



PS And if your damned internet connexion is fixed today, then you'll really be able to enjoy it!


  • At Wed Apr 30, 11:38:00 am, Blogger The Sagittarian said…

    Haha, love the cake - that takes me back a year or three!! Looks like you have been having heaps of fun. Incidentally, I love making a frozen bowl with flowers in it for champers in the summer as well.. I loved your pix of them in ice blocks.

  • At Fri May 02, 04:22:00 pm, Blogger Mickle in NZ said…

    Already 2.17 am on a Saturday morning in NZ
    No Divine Stella
    Depraved and deprived Antipo
    And wishfull mickle

    Huggles anyway, still hopeful for "Village of the Damned " internetty stuff,please .......................soon

  • At Fri May 09, 08:40:00 am, Blogger Sylv said…

    oh my another one of the worlds longest hang overs:) or why isn't there any new gossip. I am having serious withdrawal symtpoms!!


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