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Friday, September 05, 2008

One to Perk You Up

Hello darling!

I know you've been having a blah morning due to your internal alarm clock beating the electronic one and waking you up by 4am. I hate waking up too early. Hate it, I tells ya! So I empathise, baby! Hoping your blahs have worn into an all round better mood by now.

I am rather excited about the whole idea of these Kate Atkinson novels you keep harping on about you're rather enjoying these days. Is the new one set nearer to Edinburgh (south of Fife) or Dundee (north of Fife)? Please do start slipping little Scottishisms into our correspondence, I shall be beside masel.

When next you come to our humble abode, I shall be able to astound you with my newly learned skill- Zopf making! A dear Swiss friend very kindly came over and gave me a master class in Swiss Sunday Breakfast Bread this morning. I am over the moon with my efforts; not only did I use fresh yeast for the very first time, my dough rose above and beyond the rim of the bowl which was so bloody exciting I can't begin to express it in words (except I just did). I felt like a mother who just gave birth. But without the swollen genitals and leaky boobs. Although, other parts of me were slightly leaky but I'm not willing to elaborate. Only minutes until my new buns come out of the oven. I hope to be able to take a fabby picture of them for that other blog.

Ooooh, my hands smell of butter and other, lovely, bready aromas. Did you know this is the first time I have ever baked bread?

Sorry to carry on like a pork chop about the Zopf, lovey. I'm just ever so slightly excited by the whole idea of me not being completely useless.

Tra la la la la.....

Bready hugs and buttery kisses,



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