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Friday, September 05, 2008

Love Your Buns!

Dearest Darls,

Am slowly working through my blahs. Yesterday I had bad news from a good friend of the ‘My hub has left me and shacked up with my former best friend’ type, and this morning I had wonderful news from another friend of the ‘We are finally pregnant after many years of trying!’ type. So the good cancels out the bad, but my wee emotions are all over the place, like scurrying, stoned rats on the cosmic roller coaster of life, man.

I just started Kate Atkinson’s Emotionally Weird , last night and she made me laugh right from the first paragraph. I’m currently in Dundee where the main character went to university, but I will soon find masel back on the dreich wee isle off the west coast of Scotland, whence she is narrating the tale.

My favourite review of her book states: 'Sends jolts of pleasure off the page…' , which is the downright truth. I so thoroughly enjoyed her first novel Behind the Scenes at the Museum, that I had to go back and re-read it immediately upon finishing it. Ditto for Human Croquet. Kate Atkinson is a dazzling novelist with a wicked sense of humour and she throws in gobbets of black humour all over the show. I wince even as I’m laughing, when I read her. I am saving all these books for you and will lug them over in my suitcase next November.

My God, but your buns sound amazing! Book me and my stomach into Chateau Mac for November, and programme the oven too. I would love to sniff your buttery, yeasty-smelling fingers right now though.

Lunch is a micro-waved, cheaty, bought meal of pasta, salmon & green sparrowgrass tips, which I have customised with masochistic lashings (ouch!) of black pepper, and it’s reet tasty.

Wish you were here!

Love and TGIF kisses,



P.S. But won't the Swiss Culinary Police arrest you for having made Sunday bread on a Froiday? I am rather afraid for your physical safety now. Please phone me if you need bail money.


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