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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Antipo Gets Her Come-Uppance

I'm quite convinced that most of my readers adore me, and click eagerly on my blog with trembling hands every day, in order to get their literary fix and a few glistening drops of pearly wisdom. However, for those bitter and hate-filled souls (I hereby christen you 'Anti-Antipo Leaguers'), who only come to cast your eyes in appalled fascination at the preposterous scribblings I manage to churn out daily, I'm sure you'll be delighted to know that my smug and boastful declaration of having enjoyed a gloriously, slothful nine hours of child-free sleep yesterday was in fact a sad case of pride coming before a fall.

Alas, yes, my brain seemingly thumbed its nose at me last night. It simply would not turn itself off! It literally buzzed and ticked all night with ambitious projects and completely unrealistic fantasies. Added to this mental torment was an entire symphony of reverberation issuing from French Hubby's respiratory apparatus, and the irritating 'wiss-wiss-wiss' of my every movement against the stiff and overly crisp new sheets he so loves. I prefer the soft, worn and admittedly holey, but SILENT sheets that he has unkindly ditched.

So today I'm back to my usual crotchety and saggy-eyed self! I think my boss should incorporate statutory nap times into every working day...


  • At Tue Apr 11, 08:22:00 pm, Blogger Ms Mac said…

    As I am able to sleep through hurricanes and earthquakes and am also partial to nice, unholy sheets I propose that I relieve you of your burden of sleeping next to your tall French husband of the sexy deep voice, French accent and curly hair and perform your duties for a week or so for you.

    Or have I said too much?

    Oh well, it's a change from proposing that I share a bed with you!

  • At Tue Apr 11, 09:39:00 pm, Blogger Calamity Tat said…

    hahahaha, she's a saucy mare that Ms mac...

  • At Fri Apr 14, 12:23:00 am, Blogger Jay said…

    Oh my, what kind of pervy blog have I inadvertently stumbled upon here? Oh, my wholesome eyes!

  • At Tue Apr 18, 02:29:00 pm, Blogger euro-trac said…

    "So today I'm back to my usual crotchety and saggy-eyed self!"

    Never mind! Your bosoms still look great!


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