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Friday, May 19, 2006

Baby, You Can Turn Me On

Dear The Lovely Tat,

After a ghastly day yesterday I am a vision of loveliness today in my new sparkly, lilac blouse with the boho sleeves, which remind me of you. When I first started reading your blog last year, you had me in fits of laughter with your antics: donning romantic, flowing boho sleeves whilst tackling the housework and cooking. It all ended in tears, of course!

Dear The Lovely Fluffy Bunny,

I am also wearing your black skirt with the flounce which "swirls so teasingly about my calves as I walk" (your words) and I fully expect vast hordes of gorgous men to be falling at my feet when I leave the office tonight.

Dear The Lovely Wendy,

You were so right! Sensible, flesh-coloured bra be damned! My lacey, white bra with purple embroidery is quite clearly visible through the blouse, and I'm not even blushing! My head is held high!

Love and kisses to all three of you!

P.S. A client called me at 8:30 this morning to inform me his internet connection had failed. He said, and I quote, "Please turn me on again". I screeched with laughter and replied "Oooh, I haven't had an offer like that so early in the morning for many years!"


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